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What does your energy future look like?

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For too long, the conversation about our shared energy future has been dominated by those saying no, whether it’s to growing our economy or protecting our environment

But if Canada is going to play a leadership role in the evolution towards lower-emissions sources of energy, we need to find a way to start saying yes. That’s what My Energy Future is all about. It asks Canadians from all walks of life to imagine their own energy future — one in which they can play a positive and powerful role. It encourages them to find solutions, pursue opportunities, and build alliances and partnerships. And, most of all, it challenges them to imagine something better — and then get busy building it
So what does your energy future look like?

What Can I Do?

You can start by sharing our video with your friends, colleagues and family, and encouraging them to think about their own energy futures. You can spread the word on social media by using the hashtag #MyEnergyFuture.


The “My Energy Future” campaign is supported by the Energy Futures Lab, and builds on the work it’s done since its creation in 2015. That work has focused on creating a space for collaboration and co-creation, one that rejects polarization and binary thinking and instead embraces the opportunities that the shift to a lower-emissions future will have for Alberta and all of Canada.

That work has already resulted in partnerships, projects and possibilities that wouldn’t have existed without the Lab and its ability to create and expand the common ground that exists between energy companies, environmental groups, financial institutions, Indigenous people, and local businesses and communities. It has fostered conversations that harness diversity to both advance mutual interests and help identify ones people didn’t realize existed. Now, it’s time to invite the public into those conversations — and help it build a more inclusive national perspective on our energy future.

For more on the Energy Futures Lab and its mission and partners, click here.

Our Energy Future

At the EFL, we have our own vision for what Canada’s energy future could look like. It’s one that embraces the opportunities associated with a low-emissions future and transformative technologies. It’s one that builds on existing assets in order to create new ones. And it’s one that sees Alberta and Canada at the forefront of an increasingly innovation-oriented economy. 

You can read more about it here.